Creating and capturing your narrative, one session at a time.

Portrait photography isn’t just about capturing a moment in time. It’s about capturing the best parts of life. It’s about transforming a concept into reality. It’s about storytelling. It’s about you and the people you love.

Photographs are physical memories that become more valuable over time. Think back to the last time you stumbled across old photos of your parents in their youth, your grandmother in pearls, or those baby photos where your mother dressed you in one of those frocks with a giant collar. There is something warm and reassuring about having evidence of your life’s journey.

These days, it’s easy to take quick snaps with a phone, but while selfies and smartphone shots are convenient, they often lack the qualities that make for a lasting memory. Booking a session with Heart of Belle means taking a little time out of your busy life to create stunning, high-quality memories that will last for generations.

Minnie Lin, Owner & Photographer


I wasn’t always a photographer. Actually, I’m a Dallas native who graduated from pharmacy school in Houston in 2005. After graduating, I found work with a big retail pharmacy chain and only bought my first camera after the birth of my first child. At that time, learning the ins and outs of my camera seemed overwhelming, but I forced myself to practice. The more photos I took, the more determined I was to learn, improve, and excel, and the more passionate I became.

While I am proud of my career as a pharmacist and love helping people feel their best, the pharmacy game is all about numbers. Since I first picked up a camera in 2010, I’ve found that I can also make clients feel their best by capturing special moments in their lives. Having beautiful pictures of my children and my family is precious to me, and I love giving that same gift to others. Something sort of magical happens to me when I’m shooting and editing. I get excited to bring visions to life and become a better version of myself while bringing out the best in my clients’ stories. I want to share that experience with you, too.

A passion for portraiture.

I started Heart of Belle Photography in February 2016 with a mission to capture unique moments in my clients’ personal journeys. Though I’ve tried my hand at various kinds of photography, I’ve found that styled portrait photography is where my passion lies. These sessions allow me to combine my loves of both photography and fashion to create inspired, colorful and soulful memories that will have you and your loved ones looking and feeling your most glamorous.

To do this, I keep an ever-evolving closet of dresses, outfits, and accessories ranging from elegant to eclectic, all ready to rent for your shoot. Every stylized session is tailored to your personal style and vibe. Whether you’re looking for seasonal family photos, a chance to play dress-up, or shots to commemorate a graduation, I’m ready to make it happen for you. It’s not enough for me to just take the shot; I want to elevate the experience by providing you with personalized service, creative concepts, and gorgeous editing.

Portrait photography for Greater Houston.

Heart of Belle Photography specializes in outdoor portrait photography including family portraits, stylized shoots, and senior sessions. If you’re looking for fun and fantastic photos of yourself or your family, I’d love to be the one to bring your ideas to life.

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